Well i got a few more drives today for my file server, and one of the things i couldnt remember was how to add to the LVM device that exists that stores all my loot.

First off there is
pvdisplay which shows you which physical drives are alocated to what volume group
lvdisplay which gives you details about the actually logical volume, such as its status etc.

Now the part that initially tripped me up was forgetting to create the partition to LVM type on the raid
pvcreate /path/to/device
It’ll show up something like this

pvcreate /dev/md3
Physical volume “/dev/md3” successfully created

Next step is to add it to the existing group
vgextend /path/to/device

channel:/etc/lvm# vgextend vg00 /dev/md3
Volume group “vg00” successfully extended

Now that its in the volume group and its extended that group to incorporate all the devices, you need to extend the logical volume.
lvextend -l +536551 /dev/vg00/lv_space
Where 536551 is the extents listed as free as shwon by pvdisplay

Now that that is done, its just a matter of extending the file system..